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BILL: “It’s a miracle” about living in his own home.

Being homeless for over six years, Bill entered Bridgewell’s Recuperative Care Center (RCC) to recover in a safe, clean place from an infection on his amputated leg. Despite having a complex history with many health problems, Bill was committed to his wellness and recovery.

With the support of the RCC team, he moved into his own apartment in Bridgewell’s supported housing apartments where he lives very comfortably now. He is extremely grateful to have a roof over his head. He moved into his new place with tears of joy and such happiness for the miracle of his own home.


TINA: “No matter how bad you think your life is, it can always get better. You may not see it, but you have to believe it.”

Tina believed it and achieved it. Tina attended Bridgewell’s Counseling Services, Lowell and Lowell Adult Day Treatment Program, where she received individual and group therapy beginning in 2015.

She is happy, in good health, and she now knows that she has to focus on taking care of herself. After regaining her health, she moved to Texas with her son and now works for a human service agency similar to Bridgewell.

JESSICA: “Every addict, every mother would love to say, ‘Okay, I’m not going to use drugs anymore,’ but it doesn’t work like that.”

The stress of a second pregnancy caused Jessica to relapse and she ended up at Bridgewell’s Women’s Program, Johnson Street. She has been at the program for over a year, focusing on her recovery. She will soon move into her own apartment in Bridgewell’s affordable housing.

Bridgewell supports pregnant and new mothers like Jessica, so they can focus on their recovery and take care of themselves and their children.

Men conducting interview in a library


Featuring and filmed by young adults with autism, Amazingly Autistic! was a five-episode, public access television mini-series produced through Bridgewell’s Rosewood II Employment Program.

In addition to the team learning new skills as part of the filming and interviews, the purpose of this show was to raise awareness of the impressive employment experiences and unique personalities of people with autism possess.

The episodes highlight diverse employment and internship opportunities such as working at a bike shop, auto body repair center and local pizzeria.