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12-13-18 Press Release

December 13, 2018

Bridgewell’s Center for Professional Development Announces 2019 Workshops Expanded Curriculum Offers Enhanced Training on New and Trending Topics Peabody, Mass. – Bridgewell’s Center for Professional Development (CPD), known for its informative, skill-oriented seminars and consultation services, today announced details of the curriculum offered beginning in January 2019. Previously known as the Center for Professional Innovation, the CPD is a Massachusetts-based,...

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PACC’s PowerUp! Networking Event

December 11, 2018

Bridgewell was excited to be at Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce’s December PowerUP! event. Employment Specialist Ashley Smallwood and Recruitment Manager Georgana Tocco shared more info about services and career opportunities! Learn more: About Bridgewell Careers

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Measuring Dementia in People with Intellectual Disabilities

December 10, 2018

There are an estimated 5.3 million people in the U.S. with Alzheimer’s disease and by the year 2030, that number is expected to increase to 7.7 million. This devastating disease is the most common form of dementia and according to the Alzheimer’s Association, someone is diagnosed every 65 seconds. Because people with Down Syndrome experience accelerated aging, they are at...

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Kids Of Parents With Substance Use Disorder Could Need Years Of Therapy

December 5, 2018

They are the youngest victims of the nation’s drug crisis: children of parents with substance abuse disorders. They become more susceptible to long-term behavioral and mental health issues. Twelve-year-old Annie from Gloucester is just one example of what the impact can be. But she is also an example of how treatment can help some children heal.

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Direct Support Professional Conference

November 27, 2018

Massachusetts’ Department of Developmental Services hosted its Direct Support Professional Conference on November 5th & 6th in Cape Cod. The bi-annual conference, consists of two days of high quality learning for direct care staff with numerous workshops and presentations along with ample opportunity for sharing and networking with colleagues.  There were three plenary sessions, multiple break out session to choose from...

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Letter to the Editor: Forever Thankful for Drug Court

November 23, 2018

My mother was able to provide temporary shelter at Project Cope and emotional support. I spent Thanksgiving 2001 with the ladies at Project Cope and I listened to what they were thankful for. Most of these ladies were thankful for their families, even if those same families gave up on them.

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Ashley Smallwood Receives Job Developer Professional Award

November 19, 2018

This November, Career Specialist Ashley Smallwood was recognized for providing outstanding service as a Job Developer Professional at the All Partner’s Meeting for the NorthEast Employment Collaborative (NEEC). The award was presented by Kristianne Widman, Co-facilitator and Employee Liaison for NEEC (a part of Riverside Community Care). In her nomination, Bridgewell’s Employment Support Program Director Amanda Nolan wrote: Ashley puts...

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Employment Partner: Spalenza

November 7, 2018

Bridgewell is excited to announce a new employment support partner – Spalenza, a day spa in Danvers, which specializes in massages, facials, make up, hair and more. Annie and Zach, who attend Bridgewell’s Rosewood II Day Program, have worked at Spalenza since September. Responsibilities range from refilling massage creams, watering plants, restocking the water and coffee station, sweeping floors, dusting...

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