Substance Use Disorder & Recovery Services

Bridgewell supports people with substance use disorders.  Each person requires a different mix of services; outpatient treatment, community and recovery housing and job placement are just some of the ways Bridgewell can help.  We work in coordination with area hospitals, the criminal justice system and community agencies to identify people in need and put them on the path to recovery. 

Women’s Program, Johnson Street
Bridgewell’s Women’s Program is a six-month 25-bed inpatient substance abuse treatment program for specifically for women.

Pregnant and Postpartum Program
The Pregnant and Postpartum Program is an individualized inpatient residential substance abuse program that combines individual and group counseling for substance abuse, vocational planning, and becoming a mother.

Transitional and Supportive Housing
The mission of the Transitional Housing Program is to provide safe, sober and affordable housing to men, women and their children.

Permanent Housing
The Permanent Housing program is designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for persons with disabilities, substance abuse issues, or mental illness who are living in places not intended for human habitation (e.g. on the streets) or those living in emergency shelters.

Shelter Plus Care (SPC)
Shelter Plus Care is designed to provide housing and supportive services on a long-term basis for homeless and disabled persons who have completed residential and transitional housing and have maintained a stable, independent lifestyle.

Bridgewell Counseling Services, Lynn
This clinic offers evaluation services, as well as individual, couples, family, and group counseling for adults and adolescents, as well as case management support and recovery coaching.  The program is located at 66 Silsbee St. in Lynn.  For information contact (781) 581-9270.

Drug Diversion Program
Drug Diversion is an outpatient, voluntary, and treatment based program. Diversion is offered via all 7 District Courts in Essex County. Referrals come directly from the Essex County District Attorney’s Office. The program is designed for non-violent offenders of all ages. Participants have been arrested/summonsed to court for substance use related charges, or any charge that might warrant treatment and support. During this time, they are expected to be actively involved in treatment modalities which embrace multiple pathways of recovery. Participants are provided with intensive weekly case management with a Clinical Case Manager. After a minimum of six months of compliance, wellness, and sobriety, a graduating client can expect to have their criminal record expunged. Diversion also offers the non-clinical, yet essential and unique support of a Recovery Coach.

Driver Alcohol Education Program
The Driver Alcohol Education (DAE) Program is a 16 week program for first time DUI offenders and is licensed by the Department of Public Health.  The program is located at 66 Silsbee St. in Lynn.  For information contact (781) 581-9270.

Second Offender Aftercare Service
The Second Offender Aftercare Service provided by Project COPE, Inc. is certified by the Department of Public Health.  It consists of a 12 month aftercare program consisting of group or individual counseling for individuals with more than one DUI offense.  The program is located at 66 Silsbee St. in Lynn.  For information, contact (781) 581-9270.

Occupational Consultation Services
OCS works with businesses to support personal and professional development and promote healthy business and management practices. OCS, in association with Boston Alcohol and Substance Abuse Programs, Inc. (Boston ASAP) provides services throughout the Boston area.

Employee Assistance Programs
Many organizations recognize that employees are their greatest asset and the key to their success. This service is designed to assist company personnel and their families in finding solutions to personal or work-related problems.