Autism Services

In response to a high need, Bridgewell is offers specialized programming to support the challenging behavioral tendencies of younger adults with autism that are transitioning from the educational system to adult services and are supported by the Department of Developmental Services.

Our service model focuses on the abilities of individuals and approaches service delivery as a partnership, respecting the needs and desires of each individual. This person-centered approach allows us to support and respect the people we serve, as well as to foster their independence.

Day Habilitation Programs for Adults with Autism

Rosewood Drive I & II are specialized day programs to meet the unique needs of younger adults with autism who are transitioning from the educational system to adult services. Primarily supported by the Department of Developmental Services and MassHealth, Rosewood Drive provides 1 to 3 staff to individual ratio.

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Residential Services for Adults with Autism

Building upon a collaboration between the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services and success at our Rosewood Drive Day Habilitation Center, Bridgewell has opened several new homes for young adults with autism. Our comfortable, single-family homes offer highly supportive environments where individuals can build productive, independent adult lives in the community.

To date, Bridgewell has opened six new homes. The first program opened in Wenham in September 2013, followed by additional residences in Beverly and Topsfield and Peabody.

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Family Support Center

Opened in 2016, the Autism Family Support Center provides families from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds including those who are supporting an individual with autism.

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Employment Supports

More information on specialized Autism Employment Supports coming soon!

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