Affordable Housing and Homeless Services

Bridgewell serves people with life challenges experiencing homelessness. Housing programs include counseling focused on helping people begin the process of reentry into mainstream society. 

Affordable Housing

HUD Mainstream Housing Choice Voucher Program

Bridgewell administers 200 housing vouchers for very-low income individuals who are disabled and their families so that they can afford safe, decent and affordable housing in their communities.  Participants must meet the income eligibility guidelines and have proof of a disability to qualify for the program. Bridgewell is a designated housing authority and as such abides by all applicable local and federal requirements.

HUD Shelter Plus Care

Bridgewell offers 37 scattered site Shelter Plus Care subsidies. To qualify, a participant must be homeless and disabled. Those accepting the subsidy must agree to case-management services provided by the Lynn PACT and/or Bridgewell. Rental units in this program vary from single room occupancy to one bedroom apartments.

HUD SRO Mod Rehab Program

This site-based program offers 32 subsidized housing units to homeless individuals. The single room occupancy units are in a rooming house in Lynn which offers community kitchen, laundry and recreational areas. To qualify for this program, participants must be homeless and disabled.

Representative Payee Services

Bridgewell’s HUD funded representative payee services help transition homeless individuals to permanent housing and teach individuals money management skills needed to maintain their housing.

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Homeless Services – Pathfinder

Located in Lowell, Pathfinder is a nationally recognized program that serves homeless individuals who often have a psychiatric disability and other challenges. Pathfinder has been providing on-site housing and services as well as community outreach since 1996. The program targets individuals who have been unable to access services and treatment needed to begin the process of reentering mainstream society. For more information on Pathfinder, call 978.459.3387.


Pathfinder has 12 shared housing units for single, homeless men. Residents are provided with a complete assessment of needs and are offered a menu of services including: assistance in selecting and accessing medical and mental healthcare providers, medication management, managing finances, pursuing entitlement benefits and carrying out activities of daily living. Read more…