Mental Illness Awareness Week and National Depression Screening Day

One in five Americans live with a diagnosable mental health disorder, yet fewer than 40% of them are likely to seek treatment.  Many times, people are reluctant to get help due to the continued stigma against mental illness in our society. 

To try to combat this obstacle, the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) has adopted the theme of “Cure the Stigma” for 2018, in the hopes of increasing awareness through education, to reduce the feelings of shame that cause so many to suffer in silence.

With October 7-13 being Mental Illness Awareness Week, there is no better time to draw attention to the prevalence of mental illness and to highlight the benefits of seeking help.

National Depression Screening Day is Thursday, October 11, and on that day, all four of Bridgewell’s Outpatient Behavioral Health clinics in Chelmsford, Danvers, Lowell and Lynn will be offering depression screenings with a licensed practitioner, on a walk-in basis. 

Bridgewell Counseling Services, Lowell
35 Market Street, 2nd Floor
Lowell, MA 01852
Phone: 978.459.0389

Bridgewell Counseling Services, Chelmsford
7 Summer Street, Suite 19
Chelmsford, MA 01824
Phone: 978.256.1444

Bridgewell Counseling Services, Lynn
66 Silsbee Street
Lynn MA 01901
Phone: (781) 581-9270

The Sovner Center
125 Liberty Street, 2nd Floor
Danvers, MA 01923
Phone: 978.750.6828

Identifying the earliest signs of mental illness can have such a huge impact on the quality of life of the person experiencing the debilitating symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health disorders.  Where medical issues are concerned, we look to start treatment as soon as possible, before illness progresses to a more significant stage, so why do we wait when it comes to our mental health?  Look all around you, because it is likely that someone you know is suffering in silence. 

If you know someone who seems unusually or persistently sad, is isolating themselves from others, not participating in activities they usually enjoy, or who is struggling with normal daily activities like going to work or school, or attending to their personal hygiene, please reach out and encourage them to connect with a mental health professional.  Knowing that someone else notices their pain and cares enough to talk to them about it, can make a world of difference.