Support a Stronger Human Services Sector!

The Caring Force

Bridgewell encourages all members of our community to join The Caring Force! To date, more than 135 Bridgewell community members have signed up!

The Caring Force is a grassroots human services advocacy movement, empowering a diverse group of individuals who want to see a stronger human services sector in Massachusetts. The mission of The Caring Force is to empower those who care about the human services sector to advance an agenda that protects our most vulnerable neighbors and creates a stronger economy with the pay, recognition, and respect our workers deserve.

Click here to download a fact sheet to share with friends and family!

Bridgewell has taken part in this movement with many of our staff attending various advocacy events and meetings towards the common goal of strengthening the human services sector.

Some of the most important efforts of members of The Caring Force are simple, quick automated emails to our state senators and representatives. When sent in large numbers this is one of the most effective ways in which we, as individual voters and advocates, influence the actions and decisions of elected officials.

If you have not already joined the movement, please consider doing so through the link provided below. It is quick and so very important to the human services sector:

Click here!