Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award

Rodger Hebert - Preferred finalIn 2012, Bridgewell lost a loyal and devoted employee who had spent his career supporting people with disabilities.  Rodger Hebert, Director of Quality Assurance, had many beliefs and passions that motivated him during his career.  And each one of those qualities impacted both our services as well as the individual lives of the people we support. In his honor, Bridgewell has established the Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award.  This award will be presented to one employee each year who has demonstrated those qualities that most defined Rodger’s commitment to people with disabilities.

Rodger Hebert Quality of Care Award – Criteria

  • Displays Dignity and Respect – beyond the responsibilities of the job is the caring for the person and the active display of dignity and respect toward them.
  • Goes Above and Beyond – displays the desire to do more than what is generally required in a role and makes a very visible difference in the life of a person or our services.
  • Focuses on the Individual’s Specific needs – what makes the difference is caring about the person – recognizing their individual needs, and working to meet them.
  • Makes Quality of Care a Reality – there are many aspects of quality that impact care.  Whether it’s the detail in writing a report, how a duty is carried out, or the attention paid to a process or person – quality matters.
  • Is able to “Shine the Light” – a favorite phrase of Rodger’s which simply translates into being proud of what is being done in the life of an individual or the organization and actively sharing that pride.

If would like to nominate a Bridgewell employee, please sign onto the Employee Intranet and complete the nomination form.

2013 Inaugural Award Recipient – Laurel Ciavarri 

2014 – Nancy Marticio

2015 – Justine Rudgis

2016 – Wendy Kent

2017 – Kelli Hyland