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Michael: Baseball & Bowling!

Michael, who lives in a Bridgewell residence, is very active in the sports scene. Baseball is his favorite sport and he plays in a league every summer. On Sundays, Michael is out on the field in Lynn playing either scrimmages or games. He always has a smile on his face each time he is out […]

2018 Safe Living Expo

Last month, more than 130 people attended Bridgewell’s Safe Living Expo held at our Headquarters in Peabody. The event welcomed employees, individuals in our services and family members alike. From live demonstrations on safety lift transfers, to exhibits featuring methods of food prep, and safe loading of vans, there was much to experience and learn. Topics also […]

Scott: A Passion for Performance

Creativity flows through Scott like wind in a storm. He has a thirst for theatrics that never ceases. His motivation to perform is unparalleled in the Bridgewell community. Scott is a talented musician and his voice is his instrument. Scott recently joined a program where he can showcase his talents by creating a piece of […]

Budding Artists

Autism Awareness Month When you walk into one of Bridgewell’s Autism Residences, you’ll notice an array of artwork lining the walls. These canvases are created by the talented residents, Caroline, Alice, Alexa and Kara. At least once a month these ladies gather together to produce their original pieces of art. Completed art projects are displayed […]

Alice: Climbing to New Heights

Alice is Bridgewell’s face of adventure. What is important to Alice? Having fun!  Alice is a very impressive woman that makes sure people know what is important to her and how they can support her to do what makes her happy and healthy. Alice is audacious and enjoys the outdoors. Alice maintains a healthy lifestyle […]

Bridgewell Residents Highlighted at State House Celebration!

Yesterday, at the Massachusetts State House, one of Bridgewell’s residences was highlighted by the MA Department of Developmental Services for the successful transition of Brett, Chris, Josh and Tommy, who recently moved into their new home. The event celebrated efforts to meet the needs of young people coming to DDS from Special Education and to recognize […]

Roseway First Aid/CPR Training

Last month, Bridgewell Staff Developer Sarah Myers went to the Roseway Day Hab and certified 16 people in our services in First Aid/CPR.  The group included individuals from the Roseway Safety Committee looking to get re-certified from the 2016 training and several new additions.  This is the second time Bridgewell training has been able to […]

Harry Potter Day at Roseway

Roseway, one of Bridgewell’s day habilitation programs, was magically transformed into Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry last month to celebrate the completion of reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone during the program’s Reading Club. Pictured above: Team Gryffindor and the House Cup:  Danny, Marta, Joselyne, Molli,Dan, Geoff, and Joseph. Developmental Specialist Molli Marshall is […]

New Year, New Changes

Introducing Bridgewell’s New Director of Professional Development Kristen Janjar I love the opportunities afforded to us at this time of year! We get to be thankful for all we have, be merry in our celebrations and be hopeful about the possibilities for the future. Our work, however, can bring us into the lives of people […]

Department of Developmental Services Determination Award Photos

Bridgewell residents Cochise, Anthony and Peter were all awarded the DDS Northeast Region Self Determination awards. The awards recognize individuals who have made significant gains and accomplishments in their lives.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]