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Roseway First Aid/CPR Training

Last month, Bridgewell Staff Developer Sarah Myers went to the Roseway Day Hab and certified 16 people in our services in First Aid/CPR.  The group included individuals from the Roseway Safety Committee looking to get re-certified from the 2016 training and several new additions.  This is the second time Bridgewell training has been able to […]

Harry Potter Day at Roseway

Roseway, one of Bridgewell’s day habilitation programs, was magically transformed into Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry last month to celebrate the completion of reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone during the program’s Reading Club. Pictured above: Team Gryffindor and the House Cup:  Danny, Marta, Joselyne, Molli,Dan, Geoff, and Joseph. Developmental Specialist Molli Marshall is […]

New Year, New Changes

Introducing Bridgewell’s New Director of Professional Development Kristen Janjar I love the opportunities afforded to us at this time of year! We get to be thankful for all we have, be merry in our celebrations and be hopeful about the possibilities for the future. Our work, however, can bring us into the lives of people […]

Department of Developmental Services Determination Award Photos

Bridgewell residents Cochise, Anthony and Peter were all awarded the DDS Northeast Region Self Determination awards. The awards recognize individuals who have made significant gains and accomplishments in their lives.   ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]  

Rachel’s Fashion Show

In November, Rachel, who lives in a Bridgewell residence, participated in the 2017 “WIN” Beauty, Wellness & Fashion Expo for the Lynn Chamber of Commerce. She was very honored and excited to be able to participate in this event. She was able to model an ensemble from Swampscott’s Infinity Boutique. With the support of her family, […]

2018 Gala Honoree

Visionary Leadership Award Mark S. Kennard For over 35 years and as the former Executive Director of Project COPE, Mark has been an innovative leader, creating and providing the highest level of recovery services and prevention programs for substance use disorders in our community. Since Mark joined Bridgewell after the Project COPE merger four years […]

Rosewood Celebrates Thanksgiving

Bridgewell programs all have special ways of celebrating the holidays! This week, Rosewood II Autism Day Services in Danvers enjoyed an entire Thanksgiving dinner prepared by staff.   The feast included 40 lbs of potatoes, 3 turkeys and a ham. Over 100 people joined the celebration including 52 day program attendees and 22 Bridgewell staff, […]

Boston Street Center: Heather and Kelly

Always smiling, these sisters attend the Boston Street Center together. Both like using the SMARTBoards and iPads to learn about important topics like money management, recycling and staying safe in the community. Heather and Kelly enjoy being around their peers and music. Both are known to belt out their favorite songs and love to participate […]

Boston Street Center: Bernadette

Bernadette is Boston Street Center’s face of fitness. Since starting at the program, she lost over 150 pounds and stopped needing her wheelchair to get around. She maintains a healthy lifestyle by attending weekly exercise groups and the gym. Bernadette also participates in the Boston Street Center’s nutrition group, and enjoys researching, selecting and preparing healthy […]

Tony's Art Gallery

Bridgewell resident Tony, while returning from Plaster Fun Time, stopped at his favorite Dunkin Donuts. The staff complimented his artwork and Tony offered it to them to keep. They displayed the art piece on the wall for everyone to enjoy. Tony added more and more art until the entire wall was filled and Dunkin Donuts […]